Shaw and Partners


Shaw and Partners is an investment and wealth management firm based in Australia. The Company specializes in wealth management, institutional dealing, corporate advisory, and research.


One of their financial advisors asked how we could help him stand out and bring in more clients. There is a lot of competition in the wealth management space along all the wealth advisors, but no marketing strategies to promote what they offer. This specific wealth advisor needed marketing strategies that would allow him to bring in clients who could spend a minimum of half a million dollars or more. 

Since the wealth advisors could not use strategies, they relied heavily on word of mouth for new client acquisition. 


Shaw and Partners deals with many clients and has a platitude of wealth advisors, each with their own approach. Not having a marketing strategy they can utilize personally it makes it hard for them to find new clients to work with. When the wealth advisor reached out, he wanted to learn about marketing and create a system that would allow him to bring in more leads he could later convert. That way, he could grow his clientele and eventually teach everybody at Shaw and Partners what they could do as well. 

He knew he needed a marketing strategy and various tactics to acquire new customers but just didn’t know how to get there. Nobody could execute for him once the strategies were developed either. 

1. The business was relying heavily on referrals and had no other lead acquisition process.

2. The wealth advisor knew marketing would help but didn’t know what to do

3. He wanted to build a way to stand out from other wealth advisors


After the initial deep dive, we realized that Shaw and Partners, specifically this wealth advisor, had nothing that made him stand out from other wealth advisors. No differentiator or systems were in place to generate attention and drive traffic. It was a delicate niche because he only worked with people with $500.000+ to invest, so regular channels and marketing strategies wouldn’t work.  

The lack of marketing systems meant that he relied on word of mouth and had no strategy for growing the business and attracting new investors. 

We realized this was a big concern because it meant that if he kept using the same strategies, hitting the ever-growing financial goals would become harder and harder. He wanted a way to bring in fewer clients that could invest a lot more. He also wanted to specialize in a few different industries knowing that there was potential there, he knew he wanted to serve all. We also needed to hire somebody to create the content, post, and engage with his audience.  So, we agreed to hire a marketing coordinator/copywriter. 

We executed a comprehensive marketing plan that heavily focused on creating a message and a unique selling proposition that would allow him to stand out. We also built out a lead capture system to gather information from different prospects and started an outreach process to speak and engage with the specific audiences he wanted to target. We automated the email nurture process once leads downloaded the lead magnet to ensure there would be an easy system to follow. 


1. The wealth advisor knew he needed to do something different but didn’t know how to get there. 

2. He understood it was necessary to invest money not only in systems but also in a team 

3. Building a lead acquisition process was paramount to ensure we would not rely only on word-of-mouth business. 

4. The #1 focus was to craft a unique selling proposition to stand out


1. We focused on building a strong USP (unique selling proposition) to ensure we could create something that would stand out from the other wealth advisors and then have a way to attract new leads.  

2. We focused on finding a marketing coordinator/copywriter. 

3. We created a strategy focusing on multiple lead acquisition channels, including LinkedIn content, a landing page with a lead magnet and keywords, and a cold email system. 

4. We developed a content strategy that focused on LinkedIn and SEO. We agreed to post regular LinkedIn content.

5. We talked with business owners from the niche we were after. 

6. We started talking with our existing customers and actively created a referral strategy to ensure our current customers would refer more clients. 

7. We created a simple roadmap to share with leads and explain the USP.  


1. Hired a marketing coordinator/copywriter to spearhead lead acquisition efforts. 

2. Developed a strategy focusing on LinkedIn content, LinkedIn outreach, landing page creation,  lead capture systems, and cold email marketing. 

3. Created a lead magnet and devised a content calendar for LinkedIn. 

4. Formulated a content strategy centered on LinkedIn and SEO, including regular posts.

5. Created a referral strategy to leverage existing clients and refer new prospecting clients. 

6. Build a roadmap to explain our USP and why we were different. 

7. Started reaching out to business owners in preferred niches, offering a consultation


Hiring a Marketing Coordinator/Copywriter: With a lack of time and no knowledge of content creation or social media, hiring a marketing coordinator/copywriter allowed the wealth advisor to have someone create content based on his ideas and not have to worry about creating it himself.  

Developing a USP: Developing a UPS (unique selling proposition) allowed the wealth advisor to stand out from his peers and competitors. His unique approach connected with his ideal customers. 

Building Lead Acquisition Systems: Effectively capturing traffic increases the quantity and quality of leads, facilitating a smoother transition of prospects through the sales funnel. We built a landing page to ensure we could redirect people there and capture their information for posterior nurturing. 

Creating a Lead Magnet and Content Calendar: Attracts ideal clients and ensures consistent engagement with the target audience across social media platforms, building brand authority and trust. It also allowed us to showcase our knowledge of financial issues that the different industries face and what business owners could do to solve them. 

Formulating a Content Strategy with LinkedIn Focus: Increases professional network visibility, drives targeted traffic, and improves search engine rankings, leading to higher conversion rates. 

Active Referral Strategy: Allowed us to leverage the existing audience and clients we had to bring in potential clients. 


We achieved a significant improvement in customer acquisition and sales growth. We were able to bring in over 10 different investors ranging from $500.000 to $2M each, thanks to the USP, which connected with these prospects' desires and aspirations. That was the biggest driver for their decision to be understood. 

The implementation of a landing page, lead magnet, and a nurture sequence allowed us to have a way to connect with prospects, offer a valuable asset for free and have a way to nurture them continuously. All these efforts lead to a substantial increase in revenue.


1. Trust the process. It can take up to six months to begin seeing returns. We built all this by working for over a year. But if you trust the process and make the changes we advise, you will see an ROI and growth. 

2. You can’t do everything at once. We’ll help you prioritize what can be done and what fits in with your budget. 

3. We hold you accountable. It’s the best way to get results. For example, we track LinkedIn content engagement and conversions intensely to optimize consistently. 

4. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone. The wealth advisor knew nothing about marketing and was skeptical. Yet, he trusted the process and over time learned what needed to be done.